The other Randi Kravitzes

There are others with my first and last name, spelled exactly the same way. I had guessed there were, but Google confirmed it years ago. So if you’re wondering if I’m Randi Kravitz Haber, or or one of the other Randi Kravitzes, I’m not. Nor am I the Randi Kravitz who went to high school in New York, camped in New Jersey, joined a reunion site, taught dance, sold insurance, or helped anyone with financial planning. But if you’re one of those Randi Kravitzes, I hope you’ll contact me! Not only would it be fun to meet you (even virtually), I could refer people looking for you. I could even link to your website if you have one. For the record: I went to high school in Pennsylvania, camped in upstate New York, never went to my school reunion, took dance classes as a kid, bought insurance, and have a financial planner. Oh, and I’m not related to Lenny. Or Zoe. Or the nosy neighbor on Bewitched.

updated: 4 years ago